Lets Pizza: Pizza al instante

Let's Pizza: Pizza al instante

El nuevo invento de la Universidad de Bologna, Italia, que será lanzado en los proximos días tiene a muchos chefs italianos de cabeza. Una  maquina expendedora de pizza, que tan solo con unos cuantos euros, elabora una fresca pizza en menos de 3  minutos y además puedes observar todo el proceso. La tecnologia tras este revolucionario artefacto, es el uso de rayos infrarojos para lograr la cocción de manera rápida y además es posible agregarle los ingrediente extras al gusto.



Puedes observar tu pizza mientras se elabora

Puedes observar tu pizza mientras se elabora

El invento fue desarrollado con la ayuda del grupo Anglo-Holandes, Unilever, el cual fue probado en Alemania y tiene como objetivo ser lanzado alrededor de Europa y Estados Unidos con los ingredientes dependiendo de cada localidad. Este proyecto ha provocado un debate entre los dueños de pizzerias calificando el invento de “juguete” y aseverando que no existe manera que la receta tradicional sea derrocada por algo que rompe todos los principios. Los más radicales dicen que no es posible “apurar” la prepaación de la pizza, que esta debe pasar la cantidad de minutos necesarios a la temperatura indicada. Lo cierto es que dentro de muy poco estas mini-pizzerias se encontraran pronto a la esquina.


Para más información pueden visitar el articulo original en REUTERS. A continuación un video que muestra el proceso de elaboración, las opciones de ingredientes y el artefacto como tal, tomado de la canal italiana RAI.



Last week I found one of the greatest projects I’ve read lately. Men use its senses to get information of the things we find n out way; earing tells us the direction of a certain “thing”, smell may led us to it, touching is able to process textures and the eye describe its form adds color and ends the picture, in case of food we are able to taste it and know if it could be eated.

MIT’s Pranav Mistry project offers of a new way to to gather information from our surroundings. Allowing the mind to join this sense fest by analize data from the World Wide Web, the trick? A cell phone ( with broadband connection ), a projector and a webcam to capter the objets as to follow the patterns made by the moving fingers. This kind of technology is one of those, that must be seen to be believe.

Pranav also have other projects equally interesting that may be watched in his website; also related with interations with objets and the gather of information from the web.

English, why the F@*%$ english? 

That’s the question the wanderers on my blog will first ask. I live in venezuela, and as you might know our first language is Spanish, so… Why would I mind on writing on an idiom that is not the common one here? Easy one. If someone actually cares about information, will not reject it by its idiom. On my country persons that know english ( each time many more ) usually comes from private schools or has being force to learn it by one way or another. Maybe for their grade projects, maybe for their work or maybe because they liked a song and decide to learn.  

Nowdays with the revolutionary vision of the goverment movement and all that fake patriotism ( fake because it is used just as a political flag not for actual patriotism ) , writing in english would be some sort of blasphemy. Well let’s go to a fact:

English is the medium for 80% of the information stored in the world’s computers

– www.englishlanguageguide.com

Which means the the population that knows english has the key to 80% of the world’s digital knowledge. But also there’s another intereting fact:

Overall  500 million people speak english in the world

So by a “simple” language one instantly is able to share with 500 millions persons around the globe. 

English means knowledge, wisdown and most of all means mankind. It goes beyond borders and religions, is more than an idiom is a tool to share with the humanity. And that’s why this Blog is in english, in order to understand it, you must get the first key into the world of knowledge; maybe you may think I’m being pretentious, this will not hold the solutions to the human questions or the meaning of life, but, is information nevertheless and if one actually desires what you seek, then you’ll find the ways to get it and master the tools for it.  

See you around next time when,


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